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18 Seeds – £30.56

True-bred Afghan/Skunk strain established since the 1980s.

It will thrive in any growing environment with excellent yields produced in short flowering times.


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An Shit Regular Seeds Cannabis Strain Review

Shit Regular Seeds 18 Seeds

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Shit regular seeds are some of the most popular cannabis seeds. Their popularity is primarily attributed to their unique qualities which are hard to find in most other types of cannabis seeds. These particular seeds do well in almost anywhere and they have been grown in different parts of the world. They are originally from Afghanistan and they have been around since the 1980s.

Another quality of these particular seeds is that they can be grown both indoor and outdoor. This means that they can be grown in greenhouses and also in the open. This is helpful especially to people who might want to grow them in large scale.

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High-Quality Skunk, Fast Flowering, Rewarding Yields!

These particular cannabis seeds take just nine weeks after they have been planted to flower. This is a relatively shorter period compared to most other types of seeds. They do not require much care because they can grow even without a lot of water.

Shit regular seeds also have high yields where they can produce about 550 to 650 grams per meter squared when planted indoors. This is also a great quality because everyone wants the seeds with the highest yields.

When planted outdoors they also produce almost the same yields as when planted outdoors. Get 10$ off your order with today’s purchase!

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Shit Regular Seeds Genetic Information:

  • Seedbank: Mr Nice Seedbank
  • Also Known As: Skunk #1
  • Heritage: Skunk / Afghani
  • Quantity: 18 Regular Seeds
  • Type: Mostly Sativa
  • Type of Flower: 12/12 Photoperiod
  • Gender: Regular
  • Content of THC: Medium-High
  • Indoor Yield: 550 – 650 g/m2
  • Outdoor Yield: 500g/plant
  • Time to Flower: 9 Weeks
  • Month of Harvest: September/October

A Quality Service Guaranteed with Every Purchase from Mr Nice

The package of these seeds comes with eighteen regular seeds. This means that one gets a packet with eighteen seeds upon buying. The seeds are tested properly before packaging is done to ensure that they are all viable. Consequently, no seed will fail to grow provided they are planted in the right manner.

The packaging is done in a way that the seeds are secure and last for long. Because of this, it is possible to buy the seeds and then store them for later use. All that one needs to do is to ensure that the seeds are stored in a cool dry place. Up to 8 free seeds!

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Discreet and Secure Worldwide Shipping – Pay With BTC for Discounted Shit Regular Seeds

The seeds are shipped in a discrete way. This is meant to protect the privacy of the buyers. One just needs to order the seeds and they will be shipped in a way that no one will notice what is contained on the package.

Consequently, it is possible to get the seeds in a way that even the people doing the shipping will not know what is contained in the package.

The shipping takes a relatively short time depending on the location of the buyer. There is even provision for free shipping depending on where the seeds are being shipped to. This provides an opportunity to save more money and get optimum value for the money spent.

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Easy to Grow Skunk Shit Regular Seeds / Afghani Hybrid From a Trusted Seedbank

Shit regular seeds are sold for collection and souvenirs. This means that the seeds can be bought from anywhere provided one intends to use them in the right manner. This is one of the reasons where there are many people who are looking for these particular seeds.

It is evident that the shit regular seeds are popular and their demand is increasing steadily. Their qualities make them stand out when compared with most other types of cannabis seeds.

All that one needs to do is to buy from the right seller and then proceed to use the seeds for the right purpose. Easy to grow with super fast shipping, earn loyalty points when you order today!



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