Rocklock Feminised Seeds (GYO Collection) | Amazing Couchlock Strain

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These are very resinous buds in typical indica style. The effect is full-on couch-lock, utterly relaxing and a good therapeutic choice for a range of ailments including pain-relief, insomnia and stress.


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An Rocklock Feminised Seeds (GYO Collection) Review

Rocklock Feminised Seeds (GYO Collection) - 6 6 Seeds

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Do you have any idea of how you can get the best cannabis seeds anywhere in the world? Well, here is the right place for you; over the last few decades, there has been a lot of improvement in quality and evolution of feminised seeds.

Initially, the regular seeds were basically 50% female seeds and male seeds 50% and growers were not getting the real value for both their time and money and thus the creation of Rocklock feminised seeds that consist of 99.9% female seeds with a higher probability of growth.

Dispensary Grade Cannabis

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High Quality and Excellent Seeds – Rocklock has Proven to Give High Yields

Breeding of Rocklock feminised seeds have been designed in a manner that will allow the plant to develop female flowers only by a process that removes the male chromosomes virtually and thus giving the seed a chance of growing female is almost 100%.

Basically, the popularity of feminised seeds has been motivated by the need to preserve the best cannabis strains for the next generations. Rocklock actually consists 80% of Indica strain that was created by crossing Rockstar and Warlorck and I has been considered one of the best strands as far as medical marijuana is concerned.

High Yields, Excellent value for Money

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Genetic Information on Rocklock Feminised Seeds (GYO Collection);

  • Seedbank: DNA Heritage
  • Heritage: Warlock x Rockstar
  • Quantity: 6 Seeds
  • Type: Mostly Indica
  • Type of Flower: Photoperiod
  • Gender: Feminised
  • Content of THC: Unknown
  • Yield: 500 – 600 gr/m2
  • Type of Grow: Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
  • Time to Flower: 8 Weeks
  • Month of Harvest: October
  • Medicinal Conditions: Insomnia, Pain, Stress
  • Medicinal Properties: Yes
  • Type of High: Body, Couch Lock, Relaxing, Sedative

DNA GYO Collection Feminised Seeds Produce Good Yields in Just 7 Weeks!

With Rocklock feminised seeds you will be able to get the real value for your money! simply because it is a good type for new growers since it’s production is guaranteed. The yields range from 500 to 600 gr/m2 and this is easily achievable within a period of 2 months.

More so, Rocklock feminised seeds is resistant to pest, mould and temperature fluctuation. Rocklock feminised seeds are packed in a packet of 6 seeds which consist of mostly Indica with photoperiod flowering type and can be grown outdoors, indoors and even green houses.

Resilient plants that are easy to grow!

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Rocklock Feminised Seeds (Warlock x Rockstar) – Beauty with Potentially Massive Yields!

High Quality and Excellent Seeds – Rocklock seeds have been proven to give high yields and 100% growth. With excellent customer service – At Online-Cannabis-Seeds customer satisfaction is a top priority and that is why it has received a number of positive reviews on their website.

They also have a great way of rewarding their buyers and that is every time you buy Rocklock feminised seeds and you will earn up to 35 loyalty points and the product has been packaged in a discreet manner for shipping to all parts of the world.

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Quick Flowering Time with Top Medicinal Qualities – Discreet World Wide Shipping

Our partner DNA Heritage has a variety of feminised seeds. You can add to your basket anytime anywhere. They have a number of payment options for your convenience. More so, they will give you at least 20% discount off every purchase.

This depends on the package size. If you are within Europe shipping is absolutely free! Don’t wait no more to get the best Rocklock feminised seeds today and you will get your order within a record time.



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