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Neville’s Skunk is a cross of Neville’s Haze with Afghan Skunk. It was bred to provide a version of haze that is perfect for most growers in terms of its quick flowering duration.


Fast Flowering Neville’s Skunk Regular Seeds – White Resinous Coated Buds

A Neville’s Skunk Regular Seeds Review

Neville's Skunk Regular Seeds 18 Seeds

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People have different reasons on why they grow the strains. One thing in common is that everybody wants to grow a strain that would yield enough to serve their purpose. One of the best strains to grow is Neville’s Skunk which is obtained from cross-breeding Neville’s Haze with Afghan Skunk to obtain this high-quality strain.

The experts developed this Neville’s Skunk to come up with a new version that would benefit farmers helping them gain high yields and flowers that take little time to develop. You find the original Neville’s Skunk genetic content comprises 12.5% Northern Lights #5, Haze 37.5%, Afghan 25%, and Skunk 25%.

Potent Bud Ready to be Trimmed

Top Quality Neville's Skunk Regular Seeds

Indoor Neville’s Skunk Regular Grows Yield Over 500g Per Seed

You find that most phenotypes of this strain usually takes 9 weeks to complete flowering, budding, and maturity. The expert’s breeder of Neville’s Skunk recommends that whenever you see some plants of this strain taking longer than this, the plants should be discarded or uprooted.

The strain requires proper care and trimming during growth where you have to train the plant to grow towards the sideways so that it does not get too tall that can hinder proper harvesting. The two popular ways to train the plant are the LST or the SCRoG which effective in making sure you have time to trim the plant for maximum yields. The yields will be potent and dank everytime!

Indoors Grows Can be Extremely Successful

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Genetic Information on Neville’s Skunk Regular Seeds;

  • Seedbank: Mr Nice Seedbank
  • Heritage: Neville’s Haze x Afghan Skunk
  • Variety: Indica / Sativa
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Gender: Regular
  • Yield: Indoor: 450 – 650 g/m2
  • Type of Grows: Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
  • Time of Flowering: 9-12 weeks
  • Month of Harvest: mid to late October

Potent Marijuana Grown in Your Own Farms with This Neville’s Haze x Afghan Skunk Cross

The strain also takes the shortest time to mature and this enables you to take control and be able to control it’s height to the level you desire. This characteristic makes it produce maximum yields per seed. The buds, on the other hand, are strong and this, therefore, increases the rate of flowering and yields.

Neville’s Skunk regular seeds also have a classic undertones. This makes them preserve the original flavour. This ensures that you reap many benefits fro a small portion that you have to grow the strain where it is very much suitable for growing for personal use.

Highly Resinous Flowers, Great Medicinal Qualities

Top Breeder Quality Neville's Skunk

Fasting Flowering Duration, Perfect for Impatient Growers Wanting to Yield Dank Bud

The strain requires proper treatment when grown indoors and it produces up to 450 – 650 gr/m2 during harvesting time or even more which depends on the feeding you have provided. When grown outdoors, the plant will have obtained pleasant buds and ready for harvesting any time within the month of October especially in the Northern latitudes.

The outdoor yields can be extremely staggering if the plant hand adequate space when growing and also provided with the best treatment to encourage budding. You can also obtain maximum yields when grown in greenhouses where you can provide shades or blinds to encourage night atmosphere and it can occupy a space of 2m2.

Top Information on Neville's Skunk Regular Seeds

Top Breeder Quality Neville’s Skunk – Many Discounts Available with Every Purchase

Neville’s Skunk final product produces many health benefits that you can’t imagine. It is also used by patients and recommended by therapists as it exhibits some therapeutic qualities and a charming sensation that delights the users enabling them to become more active and socialize.

It can also be used as a painkiller and for enjoyment thus good when holding a party with your friends. The results of Neville’s Skunk are pure as you will only experience the best moods and you can grow the strain for personal use in various climatic conditions.



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