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Neville’s Haze Regular Seeds is back with an old-school taste to take you back to the 70s. The perfect strain for any Sativa connoisseur.

Try Neville’s Haze today and you won’t have any regrets, it’s like taking a trip on a rocket. Prepare for blast off!


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An Neville’s Haze Regular Seeds Review

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If Hazes are your thing, you will definitely love Neville’s Haze Regular Seeds. This feminized strain gets its name from Neville – its creator. This strain has developed a huge fan base online and it’s arguably the best Haze you can buy at Mr Nice Seedbank.

Even though this strain is almost pure Haze – 90% pure – it’s rather slow growing and you will have to exercise patience. She’s generally a tall monster and you have to ensure that there’s adequate space in your cultivation room for her to flourish. If cultivation isn’t legal, whats better than collecting these top genetics for the future.

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There are pruning techniques tailored to keeping her height under control such as the low-stress training method. However, I doubt you’d want to prune the plant as you would be sacrificing on the amount of yield you’ll get.

I mean who doesn’t want to harvest a massive amount of superior quality marijuana? A few experienced growers prefer to skip the leafing stage when growing this strain but it’s generally not recommended. This strain will grow well in external conditions as long as you’re in a geographical zone that’s frost free.

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Top Information on Neville’s Haze Regular Seeds:

  • Seed Breeder: Mr Nice Seedbank
  • Strain Genetics: Haze x NL5/Haze
  • Quantity: 18 Regular Seeds
  • Type Of Cannabis Strain: Mostly Sativa
  • Type Of Flowering: Photoperiod
  • Seed Gender: Regular
  • Indoor Yields: 400 g/m2
  • Growing Conditions: Indoors, Outdoors & Greenhouse
  • Time To Flower: 16 Weeks
  • Harvest Time: December northern hemisphere
  • Medicinal Properties: Yes
  • Medical Benefits: Light Pain Relief, Depression, Stress,
  • Strain Flavours: Sweet Haze, Earthy Pine, Herbal Spice
  • Strain Effects: Long-lasting, Psychedelic, Powerful
  • Award Winning Strain: 1st Place, HTCC, 1998;

Old School Flavour Straight From the 70s with World Wide Shipping

Do you think it’s pure coincidence that this strain is referred to as the “Marijuana King?” Of course not. It takes all smokers on a wild ride just as it promises. It was developed in 1991 after Neville notices that Equatorial strains never performed well in Europe as the weather was harsher there.

Neville then embarked on a journey to cross-breed various hybrid strains in an attempt to develop a strain that thrived in European Climate. This strain came into being through this classic trial and error.

Were it not for the Northern Light gene that it contains, this haze would have been one hundred per cent pure. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as its parent strain has won several awards.

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Just like all the other Hazes, this strain is used for medicinal purposes. It’s especially helpful in promoting appetite. This thick-budding plant thrives in both indoor and outdoor gardens. It is worth noting that this stain is specifically designed with experienced smokers in mind.

A few hobbyist smokers have confessed that it’s too hard-hitting. This is no surprise that it grows to yield more than six hundred grams of buds per square meter in just three and a half months. And this isn’t the best part yet – it gets up to 20% percent THC!

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Award Winning Strain Perfect for the Europian Climate

This strain isn’t easy to overshadow either – it’s won several trophies too and true to its words – it never fails to live up to its name. When used in small amounts, it has enough THC to induce a feel-good feeling. Smokers notice that they experienced the increased mental energy and their focus skyrockets. Before they know it, they’re having fun laughing and giggling with close friends. Perhaps this is why it has gained popularity, especially in social gatherings.

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Unlike other Northern Lights derivatives, Neville’s Haze has no known sedative effects. This strain is easily distinguishable by its distinct earthy scent. You will love the sweet flowery fragrance. Perhaps this is because it triggers nostalgia as we reminisce the good old days when we’d walk on the wet ground. Get your seeds today with special free seeds bundles on offer!


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