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Nemesis is highly adaptable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation and is a pretty fast finisher with some plants being ready at just 7 weeks. Highly potent buds deliver a really soaring sativa high that may be a bit too much for the less experienced person.


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There are no many cannabis seeds that have such a strong potential like Nemesis Feminised Seeds have. This is a seed with vigorous growth and very potent sativa that is not recommended to everyone.

People who are not experienced enough may find Nemesis Feminised Seeds very strong and unbearable. That is why smoking should be supervised by an experienced toker.

If you are looking for the strong strains from two completely different regions, then this seed is the right choice. It grows in almost any condition, both indoor and outdoor, so the growth does not depend on special conditions. This makes the seed very popular among the collectors.

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Nemesis Feminised Seeds come from two regions that are widely known in the world of cannabis. The first region in Northern India, where some very potent seeds are located including this one!

It is the area that is especially suitable for this kind of seed because the climate conditions give the necessary boost to different cannabis product. If Northern India is the first region where Nemesis Feminised Seeds grow, which one is the second?

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Genetic Information on Nemesis Feminised Seeds;

  • Seedbank: Seedsman
  • Heritage: Northern Indian x Nepali
  • Type: Indica / Sativa
  • Type of Flower: 12/12 Light Cycle
  • Gender: Feminised
  • Percentage of THC: Unknown
  • Growing Conditions: Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
  • Time to Flower: 7-9 Weeks
  • Month of Harvest: End of September

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It is Nepal. As a country with huge potential, it also represents the home of some of the most popular cannabis seeds. Everything is made to grow here. From the seeds for everyday usage, all the way to strong seeds for occasional consummation, this region is ideal for cannabis seeds cultivation.

In this case, Nemesis Feminised Seeds represent 50/50 hybrid that comes from these two regions. As a result of the strong genetics, it is a seed with potential to grow in almost any condition.

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If you are new in the cannabis seed world, you should pay attention to the basic rules. First of all, search for the legal regulations in your country, as many countries do not allow this kind of habit.

Each user must be aware of legal consequences before making any kind of cannabis seed collection. We only recommend products for the purpose of making souvenirs and personal collections.

Once you know the rules and regulations in your country, consider the collection of different seeds. This kind of approach will make you more aware of your country’s rules.

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Some seeds take a longer time to harvest, but in this case, the results are more visible in a short period of time. Nemesis Feminised Seeds are ready in less than 7 weeks, which makes them suitable for fast cultivation and quick results. Sometimes, the seeds will take one or two weeks longer, depending on the conditions, but it is a matter of good cultivation techniques that make the difference.

In most situations, Nemesis Feminised Seeds will be ready by the end of September if the cultivation is maintained in northern latitudes. This kind of seeds gives a very strong strain with huge potential. At the same time, Nemesis Feminised Seeds provide a unique heavy smoke experience that is worthy of remembering. This makes the seed extremely popular among the smokers.



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