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Master Kush x Skunk is an extremely reliable and trusted strain that can be cultivated either indoors or outside. This tough little bugger has a superb resistance to mould. Thankfully, this effective strain is resistant as it’ll yield massive nugs.

Indoors it will be handsome to harvest between 7-9 weeks of flowering. Get more Sativa from the great strain when you leave it longer to flower, it’s your choice! Get 8 free seeds with your order today!


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This established network of breeders and experts at Mr Seed Bank is driven by deep passion. The performance of their Master Kush x Skunk strain being top-notch and will satisfy anyone’s desires. These guys run a regional society of marijuana breeding that stretches for over forty years. An excellent price tag and a lot better genetics than most others are what this great strain boasts. Get free seeds with your order today!

Are you looking for a predominantly Indica Kush plant that makes great yields, potent stone-hard buds and gives you good results? Then this Nirvana Master Kush x Skunk Regular seeds strain has been made for you. Large sales in Dutch coffee shops provide fantastic evidence of its appealing features, a lot better than many other types of cannabis you’ll find. Shop today and receive fantastic seed deals!

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All product descriptions and details are supplied ‘as is’, for informational and educational purposes only. This information is attained from breeders and we are not able to guarantee its accuracy, though we know these guys are top-rated.

Master Kush x Skunk Product Info:

  • Breeder: Mr Nice Seedbank
  • Genetics: (Hindu Kush x Hindu Kush) x (Afghani x Mexican x Thai)
  • Quantity: 18 Seeds
  • Variety: Mostly Indica
  • Type of Flower: Photoperiod
  • Gender: Regular
  • Percent of THC: Not Known
  • Indoor Yield: Up to 600g/m2 – Outdoor: more than 450g g/plant
  • Type of Grow: Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
  • Type to Flower: 7-9 Weeks
  • Month of Harvest: September and October
  • Medicinal? Yes
  • Flavours: Deep Earthy, Kush-like, Sweet Tasting
  • Type of High: Long-lasting High, Powerful Buzz, Relaxing and Uplifting Benefits

A jewel in the crown at Mr Nice SeedBank, Master Kush x Skunk regular Indica is a fast-escalating significant yielding strain that is trustworthy and simple to increase your productivity both indoors or outside the house.

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For the professional medical grower or the home-grown enthusiast, there may be something you require from this genetics? The assortment of this strain is incredible! Count on it to finish to flower between 8-10 weeks, and generating a yield of up to 500grams/m2 indoors and an extremely high yields outside. If grown outside, pay attention to early rains. Get your seeds now and pay the lowest price!


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California breeders have invested loads of time progressing numerous Indica varieties over the ages. Almost all of them point out activities of dry and arid weather conditions that ideal for Indica leaning hybrids. TheMaster Kush with its dominant Afghan taste is nothing short of perfection.

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Discreet delivery options are available and all products are delivered in a timely manner. Be sure to get your seeds really fast and delivered securely. Outdoor it could acquire huge significant cannabis buds that will support your morale. Indoors you can easily expect 500g/m2! You can check out other top strains like the awesome Black Widow here, also from Mr Nice Seedbank!

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So sit back and get yourself a top service today. Enjoy all of the best quality of these products today with amazing deals like up to 25% on all orders!

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