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Lebanon has a long tradition of producing fantastic hashish, and the best cultivars from this region are renowned for their flavour, resin production and power. Early maturing with compact growth, short inter-nodes, and dank resin.


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Lebanese Regular Seeds 12 Seeds

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Traditionally the residents of Lebanon are known as the best cultivars in this region for producing the extraordinary variety of hashish known for its power, flavour and the production of resin. They produce various types of Lebanese regular seeds as some of them have a red colour appearance at the time of flowering.

The plants of various types of Lebanese seeds have a column like growth. They sometimes they look bushy and round in shape. The Lebanese hashish produced in Lebanon is considered the best throughout the world as they have the best strains of Nepalese and Afghan. The Lebanese seeds grown in the mountainous regions of Bekaa Valley are also known as the best Lebanese regular seeds of cannabis.

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The plants of Lebanese regular seeds give a characteristic fragrance of pine and cedar with a sweet and heavy fruity tinge and a delicious spicy hashy taste when smoked.

The hashish produced from Lebanese regular seeds has superb potency. The blonde coloured earlier harvested hashish has a more high and rushy effect on the users. The red coloured plants harvested later on have a sedative stone like effect on the users. On the whole, the strains of Lebanese seeds give a strong and lasting high from the potent buds.

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Genetic Information on Lebanese Regular Seeds;

  • Seedbank: The Real Seed Company
  • Genetics: Lebanese
  • Type: Indica
  • Type of Flower: Photoperiod
  • Gender: Regular
  • THC Content: Unknown
  • Height of Plant: 50-150 cm
  • Type of Grow: Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
  • Month of Harvest: early September – early October
  • Flavour: Cedar Wood, Fruity, Pine, Spicy / Herbal, Sweet

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The early maturity of the plants of Lebanese regular seeds of cannabis makes them ideal for producing excellent hybrid seeds. The quality of the best Lebanese cultivars can be defined as very potent, compact and resinous strains of cannabis. Some of their early maturing and compact plants look red in colour in cold temperatures. One of the fastest growing strains of cannabis. Lebanese regular seeds can be grown indoors as well as outdoors very easily.

The strains of its indoor plants are slightly above than their average size. They produce quite a good yield of strains in 55-65 days of their flowering period. The outdoor plants of Lebanese seeds grown in moderate climate give a considerably high yield of good flavours and buds when harvested in the middle of September.

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Though you can buy Lebanese regular seeds from a number of retailers found in the international market of cannabis but if you want to buy them from a reliable and reputed retailer then The Real Seed Company is the best due to various reasons. One of the main reasons to rely on The Real Seed Company is that they can arrange various types of 100% genuine cannabis seeds from the world’s best seeds stores every time, whenever you want to buy them.

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Another good reason to buy cannabis strains from The Real Seed Company is that they provide cannabis seeds only for the collectors who keep them as souvenir or for the people who use them for medicinal purposes. Though the seeds provided by them are known for their rate of growth and germination but they do not support the commercial growth and germination of cannabis.

So they do not sell them to commercial cultivators of cannabis. Moreover, by buying Lebanese regular seeds from The Real Seed Company you can also save lots of time and money required for finding genuine cannabis seeds. You can also collect this strain as it can be particularly rare.



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