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A classic Keralan strain from the highland growing regions of the Western Ghats, reputed to produce the finest ganja in South India. Producing a Minty flavour with a potent, energising high.


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Kerala regular seeds are a classic marijuana strain that is reputed to yield the most vigorous ganja in South India. This highly potent Sativa strain mostly grows in the equatorial regions of the Indian highlands called the Western Ghats. It is specifically cultivated in a region known as Idukki, which is one of the renowned historic centres in the world where ganja is cultivated.

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Kerala regular seeds are one of the seeds featured on our website. It produces a sweet and pungent aroma when smoked heavily and has earned absolute respect throughout the world for its energising positivity. This classic South Indian marijuana is a pure Sativa variety that highlights a potent and stimulating Sativa high.

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Genetic Information on Kerala Regular Seeds;

  • Seedbank: The Real Seed Company
  • Genetics: South Indian Kerala Ganja Cultivar
  • Type of Strain: Mostly Sativa
  • Type of Flower: Photoperiod
  • Gender: Regular
  • THC Content: Unknown

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Kerala Regular Seeds are typically cultivated at altitudes ranging from 1700 meters to 2100 meters. This classic marijuana strain is 100% highland Sativa that reaches an impressive height of between 2 and 4 meters when it fully matures. The strain grows in a bushy pattern and displays narrow leaves resembling those of bamboo, with several bud sites and heavy side branching. Its buds are airy, loose and resinous with a fruity and peppery aroma.

Kerala is usually planted in June or July. It takes up to three to four months to start flowering and to produce optimum results. This strain is harvested in mid-January, and that is the time when the buds cure to a golden brown colour and can provide a tangy, minty aroma. This is a true tropical Sativa whose effect when smoked is up and creative as well as racy and energising.

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A matured Keralan ganja shows great potency along with the characteristics of Kerala high. A recent scientific test of one strain depicted 17.63% THC. The terpenoids of the Kerala strain according to the results were dominated by alpha-pinene, Linalool, and humulene. Smaller amounts of beta-pinene and myrcene were also reported. As expected, the test results showed no signs of CBD.

Kerala is a refined, high-quality strain with impressive breeding potential. The Keralan line is an exceptional representation of the world’s deepest and oldest ganja cultures. Keralan strains have also earned the utmost reputation having played a significant role in the creation of the Californian Haze lines.

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South Indian Kerala Ganja Cultivar – Beauty with Potentially Massive Yields!

Cultivating any plant that belongs to the genus Cannabis in the United Kingdom without proper license and certification from the Secretary of State is an offence. This is stipulated in the 1971 UK Constitution under Section 6 of the Misuse of Drugs Act. Our website solely features cannabis products from our partners for collections and souvenirs.

Our affiliate partners avail all cannabis seeds as collectable genetic souvenirs as an approach to preserve the Cannabis sativa biodiversity through proper storage only. Since the phenotypic characteristics of these products are of genuine sociological, ecological and social interests, our partners have spelt out certain specifics of these cultivars in the product descriptions. Please do not break the law. You can always keep them as souvenirs as this strain can be particularly rare.



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