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Female Seeds’ Indoor Mix is a pack assortment of different hybrid cannabis strains including some crosses of special seeds breeding together with other strains.


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Indoor Mix Feminised Seeds is a combination of cannabis from the expert cultivators of Female Seeds headed by Ferry Elsinga. It consists of different Indica-based cannabis strains such as Red Purps Feminised Seeds, Ice Feminised Seeds and White Widow X Bud Auto Feminised Seed.

This assortment of cannabis seeds provides an excellent and wide array of top-quality marijuana genetics thereby eliminating the need to buy a lot of different packs of feminized cannabis seeds. Indoor Mix Feminised Seeds will bring beauty to any indoor garden.

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All the different types of Indoor Mix Feminised Seeds can be grown in the same space and harvested at about the same time. This makes it remarkably easy to cultivate.There are different types of Indoor Mix Feminised Seeds. One of them is the Lemon Kush Feminised Seeds. This gives a grower the opportunity to acquire a small but excellent collection of 100% feminised auto-flowering seeds at a great price.

Another type of Indoor Mix Feminised Seeds is the Purple Maroc Feminised seeds. It is a good choice of auto-flowering strains. It begins to flower within three to four weeks and will finish in eight weeks from the seed while exhibiting a slightly different shape, branching and budding traits.

Some of the best indoor growing seeds

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Genetic Information on Indoor Mix Feminised Seeds;

  • Breeder: Female Seeds
  • Heritage: Mixed
  • Type: Indica / Sativa
  • Type of Flower: Photoperiod
  • Gender: Feminised
  • Grows: Indoors
  • Time to Flower: 7-9 weeks
  • Month of Harvest: September/October

Buds are sparkling with a coat of snow-like resin crystals

The Skunk Special is also another popular indoor mix feminised seed. It comes from the lineage of the original skunk plants that were first developed in the 1980s. Skunk Special is a versatile indoor mix feminised plant. This strain consists majorly of Mexican and Colombian Sativas. The plants grow to a height of 60-80cm and have a flowering period of about 7-8 weeks. They grow into large buds and provide a bountiful harvest.

The Female White Widow X Bud is another popular strain of indoor mix feminised seeds. It is a di-hybrid, which means that it is a cross from two populations. These two populations were carefully selected, planted and stabilized over 6-7 generations. The Kush Auto feminised Seeds is another type of indoor mix feminised seeds. Flowers grow within eight weeks of cultivation.

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Another popular type of indoor mix feminised seeds is the LSD Feminised Seeds. It is a di-hybrid between Skunk and Afghan Indica. It derives its name from the powerful effect it provides. LSD consists of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Its flowering time is between 60-65 days and provides fantastic yields that can reach a height of 90-100cm.

Indoor Mix Feminised Seeds are a highly reliable strain that is meant to be cultivated exclusively indoors. Moreover, the strain has a good resistance to mold and diseases. There are several benefits of indoor mix feminised seeds. One of them is that they are grown at the most optimal conditions without pest interference which makes them ideal for consumption. The effect is also very potent, uplifting, relaxing and long-lasting.

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The Indoor Mix Feminised Seeds is a product of several decades of research, experimentation and cultivation. Indoor Mix Feminised Seeds was created by Ferry Elsinga who is the head cultivator at Female Seeds. Ferry Elsinga started his research into feminised seeds in the 1990s. The first set of feminised seeds were released into the market at the end of the 21st century.



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