Colombian Gold Feminised Seeds | Fat, Vigorous, Sweet Potent Smell

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Colombian Gold is a tall, vigorous cannabis hybrid strain that grows plenty of side-branches, a sweet smelling, potent strain!


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Colombian Gold Feminised Seeds are the seeds of a cannabis plant with 75% Sativa which was bred by combining various types of strains found in the Colombian mountains, Santa Marta. Various types of cannabis plants are cultivated by the local people in this region and used for medicinal purposes for centuries.

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The high amount of THC in Colombia Gold makes it a very effective and fast acting strain of cannabis. It shows its effects within few minutes of using it. It provides enormous energy after starting strongly. Its users feel mentally clear and joyful and the power of its strains make them sharply focused on the task they were working on.

Many of them become more creative as they have a number of ideas flowing from their mind. It also helps in boosting their emotions and improving their mood. Though it has an intense effect on the user it is never overwhelming if used in moderation. It keeps the user stable due to a higher percentage of Indica than Sativa.

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Genetic Information on Colombian Gold Feminised Seeds;

  • Seedbank: World of Seeds
  • Heritage: Colombian Santa Marta
  • Type: Mostly Sativa
  • Type of Flower: Photoperiod
  • Gender: Feminised
  • Content of THC: 19.3%
  • Yield: Indoors: 350 gr/m2; Outdoors: 450 – 600 gr/plant
  • Type of Grow: Greenhouse, Indoors
  • Time of Harvest: 11 – 13 Weeks
  • Month of Harvest: End of November
  • Flavour: Sweet
  • Type of High: Cerebral, Powerful, Psychedelic

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Colombian Gold has peculiar smell and emits a strong aroma of lime and lemon when its buds are broken. It gives a strong earthy smell when burnt. The smoke of its strains can give a rough effect on your lungs and throat due to its harsh and pungent fumes. It gives a citrus and sweet experience when inhaled but it leaves a nice woody aftertaste after exhaling its smoke.

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Being an elusive plant its growth cannot be defined appropriately. You can cultivate it only if you have its clipping for cloning it. After having its clippings you can grow it indoors as well as outdoors. The flowering time of indoor plants is between 10 and 12 weeks.

But you will have to spend money on filters to control its pungent odour to maintain your privacy. The ideal way to cultivate Colombian Gold Feminised Seeds is to grow them outdoors in natural environment.

It can grow up to 6 feet height in temperate to warm environment. The 3rd – 4th week of November is the ideal flowering period of outdoor plants. The yield of outdoor plants should not be less than 18 ounce per plant.

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