Black Widow Regular Seeds | An Awesome Award Winning Strain!

18 Seeds – £59.36

Black Widow, a 1st class cannabis strain which has won numerous awards. With 20% THC, you’ll know this strain is serious.

Check out this Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica hybrid today and you won’t be disappointed. Buy with 20% special offers now!


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Black Widow Regular Seeds - 18 Seed Pack

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There are many benefits to Black Widow regular seeds are that you can enjoy after you decide to buy seeds due to Mr Nice Seedbank sells cannabis seeds of high quality, and this strain is no different.

The seeds bred are carefully developed to ensure growers (where legal) and those who are buying for collection purposes, get a great deal. Black widow regular seeds have been tested and they possess great benefits for many different reasons.

For example, if you would like to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of certain marijuana strains, Black Widow has great medicinal properties like; body aches and general pain relief due to the Indica present.

Cross Bred Brazilian Sativa with a hybrid from South India

Mr Nice’s Black Widow seeds are produced by crossbreeding Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica. They are then discreetly packed ready for distribution. It is good to buy from a facility where you can have your seeds carefully packaged so that other people will not know about your products.

If you decide to buy Black Widow regular seeds through, you are assured of quality and quick delivery. All customers have the option to use discreet delivery too.

Mr Nice Seedbank has vast experience in this field when it comes to dealing with great cannabis seeds. Everyone who buys these seeds can have peace of mind with quality guaranteed on every single cannabis strain supplied.

Mr Nice Seed Black Widow Research

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Black Widow Cannabis Seed Details:

  • Seed Breeder: Mr Nice Seedbank
  • Also Know As: White Widow
  • Strain Genetics: Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica
  • Pack Size: 18 Seeds
  • Cannabis Strain Variety: Indica / Sativa
  • Flower Type: Photoperiod
  • Seed Gender: Regular Seeds
  • THC Levels: Medium-High
  • Indoor Yield: 350/450 g/m2 ; Outdoors and Greenhouse: 300/400 g/plant
  • Grow Environment: Indoors, Outdoors and Greenhouse
  • Flowering Period: 8-10 Weeks
  • Outdoor Harvest Month: Late September – Early October
  • Medicinal Properties: Yes
  • Medicinal CBD Benefits:  Body Aches, Muscle Spasm and Pain Relief
  • Strain Flavours: Flowery, Embellished Fruity Aromas
  • Strain Effects: Body, Cerebral, Relaxing, Happy, Long-lasting, Powerful
  • Award Winning Strain: 1st Prize, HTCC, 1995

Black Widow Regular Seeds – Discreet Delivery Worldwide

If your country prohibits growing marijuana seeds, don’t worry, many people in many countries collect cannabis seeds for the preservation of genetics. if someday your country changes its laws, you’ll already have great genetics to work with.

There are many people who have utilized the avenues to access the marijuana seeds and have had a great service through our site. Our experts here at know different regulations/laws apply in different parts of the world and they are sticking to the rules. You must check your country’s laws on germination.

Delivery is done fast so that you can access your seeds quickly and earn your loyalty point to use in the future. Get 20% off your order today!


Indica and Sativa Black Widow Varieties

Indoor and Outdoor Strains – Get Great Yields with Either Method

There are times when you would love to grow the marijuana seeds in a greenhouse, outdoors or even indoors. Black Widow marijuana seeds won’t restrict you from having to choose between outdoors or indoors. Mr Nice knows everyone prefers different methods of growing and so carefully developed their Black Widow seed to grow in different environments.

If you decide to grow Black Widow, you can expect high yields of around 450g/m2. The seeds are developed by experts who pay attention to different details so that they can assure you the best seed production. Black Widow is a great example of this hardworking breeder, Mr Nice Seedbank

Quality Black Widow Farms - The Best Seeds Online

Buy Top THC or CBD Seeds Today

Black Widow regular cannabis seeds can be used for different therapeutic and medicinal benefits due to their CBD content. For instance, after successfully growing Black Widow marijuana, customers have said it relieves pain as well as muscle spasms on many reviews.

The strain is among the most effective marijuana strains which you can apply to achieve great success in your collection/grow. There are many reviews online boosting the popularity of this great cannabis, so waste no more time and buy today!



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