Afghan Kush Regular Seeds | Naturally Cross-Bred to Perfection!

10 Seeds –  £17.42

A quality award winning medicinal strain. Not only a good resistance to mould but also has a high water tolerance, very forgiving for novice growers.

Recommended as a medicinal treatment for pain, stress and insomnia.


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Afghan Kush Regular Seeds

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The Afghan Kush Regular Seeds have been developed to assure you the best results. After taking into consideration different factors, the developers of the seeds were able to access the afghan kush strains and breed them to achieve a hybrid variety. There are several farmers who have tried the seeds and they agree they are among the best in the industry.

If you are looking for a way you can always achieve the best produce in your medical marijuana cultivation, the seeds can be part of your success. Mr Nice is known for quality and reliable cannabis strains. They respond fast to enquiries and orders are delivered fast. You will always find value for your money upon buying the seeds.

Best Production Quality Genetics

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Fast Maturing Genetics from Afghan Kush Regular Seeds

Before you buy cannabis seeds, it is essential to check on the varieties which were crossbred to obtain the seeds. The Afghan Kush Regular Seeds were obtained after natural crossbreed of the kush strains. The Indica hybrids are landrace cannabis strains which were obtained from Armu Darya river valley in the border of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

There are some people who would like to buy cannabis seeds as souvenirs but they would prefer those which have the natural characteristics. The seeds at the company are among the best you can access to achieve the best from your endeavours. They are carefully developed to assure you the best results ever.

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Afghan Kush Regular Seeds Strain Information:

  • Genetic Engineer: World of Seeds
  • Heritage: Afghani Kush
  • Quantity: 10 Seeds
  • Type: Indica
  • Type of Flower: Photoperiod
  • Gender: Regular
  • Percentage of THC: 21.60%
  • Indoor Yield: 450 gr/m2, Outdoors: 500 – 600 gr/plant
  • GROWS: Indoors, Outdoors
  • Time to Flower: 6-8 Weeks
  • Month of Harvest: October
  • Medicinal Properties: Yes
  • Medicinal Treatments: Insomnia, Pain, Stress
  • Flavour: Woody
  • Type of High: Body, Couch Lock, Long-lasting, PhysicalAwards:

High-Quality Medical Capabilities from a World Renowned Seedbank

Afghan Kush regular seeds produce plants which bear high medical properties. If you are looking for a way you can enhance your therapeutic applications of marijuana, then you need a strain which is known to offer the best results.

The seeds at the company have been manufactured to assure you the best quality. They are the best seeds you can buy if you would like to see great results within your farm. The strains used in the crossbreeding are effective in therapeutic functions such as treating stress, pain and insomnia.

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Award Winning Genetics from a Trusted Seed Bank – Afghan Kush Regular Seeds

The natural strains grow in areas where the climate is harsh. There is limited water supply among other growing conditions. But, the strains used to crossbreed the seeds have been adapted to the harsh climates.

If you would like to have seeds which can germinate even under harsh conditions, then you need to buy the seeds. They have been developed to assure you the best germination rates ever. You will require minimal maintenance and the seeds will grow into healthy plants.

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Super Fast Indoor Flowering with Great Production Qualities

If you decide to grow Afghan Kush regular seeds indoors, you’ll enjoy great results. They can flower fast once the light cycle is switched to 12/12. The different strains in the development of the seeds are known to be very effective. You will always achieve the best possible outcome out of the seeds.

Customers can get fast and discreet shipping. If you are after a company which can allow you to access seeds from any location in the world, then you need to order from the company online. They are among the best seed suppliers.



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