Afghan Haze Regular Seeds | Fantastic Therapeutic Cannabis Strain!

18 Seeds – £59.36

Afghan Haze is highly recommended for medicinal usage, especially for pain relief.

It is not the highest yielding plant nor the quickest but for certain you will be left high-quality medicinal product.


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Afghan Haze Regular Seeds

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There are many names in the cannabis world. One of the most famous and prominent among them is Mr Nice Seedbank. They have a large number and varieties of seeds to offer. Collect up to 8 free seeds today!

The speciality of the Big Afghan Haze Regular seeds lays in the feminisation process they go through. They also go through rigorous testing methods used for checking each seed variety before they are released for sale.

In the process, plants are feminised or genetically modified by special cloning techniques to behave like female plants.

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This way the male plants are not there which might turn the female plants into factories to produce seeds and in turn, compromise on the quality of the bud produced. The female plants are the ones producing the buds and hence, the Big Afghan Haze Regular seeds get and retain their unique quality and value.

However, one should remember to use only female seeds if you do not want any male plants. These seeds are different such as flowering times in weeks, average plant height, THC Content and yields achieved. You must note any order from Mr Nice Seedbank ensures the highest quality seeds.

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Afghan Haze Regular Seeds Genetic Information:

  • Seedbank: Mr Nice Seedbank
  • Heritage: Afghan x Haze
  • Quantity: 18 Seeds
  • Type: Indica / Sativa
  • Flower: 12 hour on 12 hour off 
  • Gender: Regular
  • Content of THC: Medium-High
  • Indoor Yield: 350-450 g/m2
  • Outdoor Yield: 350/450 g/plant
  • Time to Flower: 10 weeks
  • Month of Harvest: October
  • Medicinal Properties: Yes
  • Type of Relief: Pain

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These strain statistics are proving to be highly resourceful because seeds in the UK are sold strictly as collectable souvenirs and so you want to know the potential outcome of the strains you buy in case the law changes or you are able to grow them in a country where it is legally possible.

The statistics provided on the site might vary from actual results as there are various parameters that contribute to the results collated. Results are based on optimal conditions from plants provided with a perfect feeding program and under 1000 watts per meter square. Discreet and secure worldwide shipping!

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Afghan Haze Regular – High Yielding Cannabis Seeds Online

Now, if you are looking for afghan haze native regular seeds, you have no reason to fret over anymore. Over the years, numbers of companies have popped, delivering native seeds of excellent quality. The seeds are collected in the ventures by their own team of trained professionals.

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Could Afghan Haze Be The Strain for You?

Native seed collection actually requires a great botanical knowledge mixed with a huge understanding of the seed maturation process and the proficient specialists of these ventures are best known for this job.

All you need to do is contact them at any point in time and the efficient professionals out there will come to your best aid. 10$ off your order and claim up to 8 free seeds!



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