8 Ball Kush Feminised Seeds | Kush-Like with Super Sweet, Earthy Tones

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Top of the line genetics from the world’s most renowned hashish-producing region. The result is a very hardy plant that is adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions producing dank, potent buds.


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8 Ball Kush Feminised Seeds 10 Seeds

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8 Ball Kush feminised seeds are produced by inbreeding a selection of top genetics of hashish brought from the border regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan in the Himalayan ranges that are known for producing the best hashish of the world. As a resultant of this breeding, you get a very strong plant that can be grown in any weather condition.

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The feminised seeds of 8 Ball Kush can be grown in both set ups – SOG and SCRoG. Though it is a short plant as it rarely goes above 80 cm. in height still it can be grown in SCRoG set up with its quite broad side branches. In a SOG set-up its growth is like lollipops as the energy of the plant focuses on producing heavy buds.

The growers of indoor plants can produce 550 gram cannabis per square meter with 19% THC after a period of 50-55 days. On the other hand, its outdoor plants grown in northern latitudes can be harvested in the middle of September to produce nearly 20 ounce buds from each plant.

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Genetic Information on 8 Ball Kush Feminised Seeds;

  • Seedbank: Barney’s Farm Seeds
  • Genetics: Afghanistan x Pakistan
  • Type: Indica
  • Type of Flower: Photoperiod
  • Gender: Feminised
  • THC Content: 20%
  • CBD Content: 0.6%
  • Yield: Preferred Indoor: 550 g/m2
  • Height of Plant: 70 – 80 cm (indoor)
  • Type of Grow: Indoors, Outdoors
  • Time to Flower: 50 – 55 days
  • Month of Harvest: Mid September
  • Flavour: Earthy, Kush, Musky, Spicy / Herbal
  • Type of High: Body, Long-lasting, Relaxing

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The flavour of 8 Ball Kush is earthy, musky and sweet with notes of spice typically like that of Kush. It gives a long lasting effect to relax the body of the users. For some people its fragrance reminds them of hashish, the parent plant of this new strain of cannabis. Not only its fragrance resembles hashish but its taste also.

The feminised seeds of 8Ball Kush uplifts the mood of the users by working fast to give them a gentle buzz. After some time they get a feeling of general happiness. In some cases people feel more thrilled after some time.

Some people have amazingly creative thoughts during this period due to the effect of sativa in it. The strains of this cannabis seed start working on your body after an initial mild high on mind to increase their ability to think.

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It hits their body like a powerful sedative to give utter relaxation to the user. However some people remain active after taking this cannabis strain on the basis of their tolerance power. But in certain cases they can succumb to the overwhelming high of their body even if they feel no difficulty in performing their work.

Though you can find various retailers in the world cannabis market to buy cannabis strains of your choice but Barney’s Farm is one of the most reliable and established breeders who can be relied to get the best strains of cannabis. They can arrange the cannabis strains of your choice from any of the reliable seed banks available all over the world, delivered securing and discreetly.

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The main thing to be kept in mind while buying 8 Ball Kush feminised seeds from Barney’s Farm Seeds is that they sell their products only to the people who use them for medicinal purposes or to collectors who keep them as souvenir. They do not promote the commercial cultivation and germination of cannabis strains of any kind. It is really safe to buy from them as they sell quality seeds at reasonable price.



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